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25-27 January 2013

EURenOmics Kick-Off Meeting


Sitges, Spain

22-24 March 2013

Workshop on Nephrology Registries


Genova , Switzerland

16-17 April 2013

IRDiRC Meeting


Dublin, Ireland

25-27 April 2013

Renal Ontologies Workshop


Heidelberg, Germany

2-4 May 2013

5th Paris Workshop on Genomic Epidemiology


Paris, France

18-21 May 2013

ERA-EDTA Meeting 2013


Istanbul, Turkey

31 May – 4 June 2013

ISN World Congres of Nephrology


Hong Kong

24-26 June 2013

12th International Workshop on Developmental Nephrology


Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

30 August 2013

EURenOmics Steering Committee Meeting


Shanghai, China

30 August - 03 September 2013

The 16th Congress of the International Pediatric Nephrology Association


Shanghai, China

5-10 November 2013

ASN Renal Week


Atlanta, USA

23-26 February 2014

EURenOmics Joint Meeting with Neuromics and RD-Connect
(incl. GA and SC meeting)

Heidelberg, Germany

18-20 September 2014

ESPN Meeting 2014

Porto, Portugal

21 October 2014

EURenOmics Steering Committee Meeting

Paris, France

11-16 November 2014ASN Kidney Week 2014WebsitePhiladelphia, USA

8-10 April 2015

EURenOmics Project and General Assembly Meeting

Heidelberg, Germany

13-16 May 2015

7th Europaediatrics Congress of the European Paediatric Association (EPA)


Florence, Italy

27-28 May 2015

2nd EATRIS Conference, Building Bridges in Translational Medicine


Amsterdam, The Netherlands

28-31 May 2015

52nd ERA-EDTA Congress


London, UK

6-9 June 2015The European Human Genetics Conference 2015WebsiteGlasgow, UK
3-5 September 201548th ESPN Annual meeting
WebsiteBrussels, Belgium
8-10 September 2015The Kidney: Development, Disease and Regeneration - Nephrotools International Conference
WebsiteLiverpool, UK
25-26 September 2015ERA-EDTA’S WGIKD: Scientific CME Workshop „Population Genomics in Clinical Nephrology“WebsiteRegensburg, Germany
6-10 October 2015American Society of Human Genetics Annual MeetingWebsiteBaltimore, USA
3-8 Nov 2015ASN Kidney Week 2015WebsiteSan Diego, USA
30. Nov-1 Dec 2015Radboud Frontiers in Cilia MedicineWebsiteNijmegen, Netherlands
20-22 Jan 201618th International Conference on Dialysis - Advances in Kidney DiseaseWebsiteMiami, USA
9-12 March 2016International Congress on Research of Rare and Orphan DiseasesWebsiteBarcelona, Spain
13-15 April 2016Genomics of Rare Disease: Beyond the ExomeWebsiteHinxton, Cambridge, UK

11-13 May 2016

EURenOmics Project and General Assembly Meeting

Paris, France

21-24 May 201653rd ERA-EDTA Congress WebsiteVienna, Austria
20-24 Sep 201617th Congress of the International Pediatric Nephrology AssociationWebsiteIguaçu, Brazil
26-28 Sep 20166th Advanced RNA-seq data analysis course
WebsiteLeiden, The Netherlands
15-20 November 2016ASN Kidney Week 2016WebsiteChicago, USA

3-5 May 2017

EURenOmics Project and General Assembly Meeting

Berlin, Germany

11 July 2017

EURenOmics Dissemination and Exploitation Workshop

Paris, France

20-22 Sep 20177th International Workshop on Genomic Epidemiology
WebsiteBarcelona, Spain
25-27 Sep 2017Course "Next-Generation Sequencing in a diagnostic setting"WebsiteLjubljana, Slovenia
1 Oct - 5 Nov 2017ASN Kidney Week 2017WebsiteNew Orleans, USA
6-8 Nov 20172nd Variant Effect Prediction Training CourseWebsitePrague, Czech Republic


Furthermore, the European Society of Human Genetics provides a conference calendar with more interesting meetings:

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